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19th February 2018 

How I Work

My approach is person centred. Person centred counselling takes the view that individuals have the internal resources they need in order to grow and move forward with their lives. It encompasses three core conditions: empathy, congruence, and unconditional positive regard which enable this growth to happen. It focuses on the inner strengths and capacity of the client, and acknowledges that you will constantly be striving for the best outcomes for you. I work alongside you while you achieve greater self awareness and the capacity to live your life more fully. My commitment to you is to work honestly, non judgementally, respectfully and ethically with you.

I offer individual and couples counselling. This includes working with parents and children over the age of 11. I have specific training in couples work and you can feel confident that you will both be heard and valued. My significant experience of working with parents and families in pastoral settings enables me to help with family dynamics causing conflict and unhappiness.

I am also trained in telephone counselling and am happy to discuss this with you.

Just call or email to discuss how counselling could help you to make changes and be of benefit to you. If you choose to make your initial enquiry via email I am happy to telephone you at a mutually convenient time. Please feel free to indicate a time when it would be appropriate for me to call you.

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